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Handmade designs in silver celebrating the beauty in imperfection and a simplicity of form. Little Object is an east London jewellery studio that fuses minimal designs with a tactile, crafted finish. 

We're all about …

Lines that aren’t quite straight

Circles that aren't perfectly round

Pairs that don't quite match

Analogue not digital

Curves not angles

I’m Natalie, the designer/owner, and I'm passionate about

Slow design Pieces you'll love now as well as in five years' time. I prefer to sell a small edited range of designs that I think you'll love, rather than chase trends.

Quiet design Less is more. I don’t want to make the showy statement necklace that gets worn once then ends up at the back of the drawer or the uncomfortable earrings you can't wait to take off. I want to make the pieces you want to put on every day; that become a part of your life; that you don't want to be without

Sustainable design Little Object has a strong environmental commitment, using recycled sterling silver and gentle, biodegradable chemicals in the studio, wherever possible.

Each piece is made by hand from start to finish: from cutting, shaping and soldering the metal to hammering, polishing and assembling the finished design, meaning that each piece of Little Object jewellery is completely unique.

The slightly irregular shapes and rippled surfaces set them apart from factory-made versions and the mark of the hammer can still be seen in the metal.

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